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Name:Mrs. Maya Erny Soekandar [Marketing]
Fax Number:6221 650 2385
Address:Sunter Jaya I Kav 942B Jakarta Utara
Jakarta 14350, Jakarta
Corporate gift provider, Promotional agent, Importir, distributor, Trader
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Registration Date:Aug. 02, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 27, 2015

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Stop wasting your money by giving away predictable & ordinary gifts that does not meet up to your company' s image, marketing direction  or objective.

If you are looking for  innovative, unique and cost-effective gift ideas that  tie in with  your marketing campaign and set your company or product apart, you have come to the right place

DeKresentia is incorporated in the year 2009 as a corporate gift and promotion.

Since then, we have grown from its humble beginnings to one of the top few corporate gifts company that constantly introduce new & innovative products as gift ideas to our corporate clients. With a team of dedicate gift consultants, we ensure our propose gifts will make lasting impression on the recipients.
From design to delivery, we stress on ensuring the highest standard in our service & quality . We also emphasizing on  adherence to delay deadlines, detail to design of gift, making sure the finished corporate gifts represent the clients' to the fullest.

We have been privileged to supply corporate gifts to establishments such as OCBC Bank, Bank BRI, Medco Energy, BpMigas, Pertamina ONWJ, Cnooc, Pearl Energy, PremierOil, Sclumberger, Nestle, KraftAsia, Cadbury, Permata Bank, Bank BII, Kyoei Prince Building Management, Pd Sunda Resto, Nutricia, Maybank, MitraEnergy, Microsoft, ANA JAL airlines, Bank BNI and more… .

Major Products / Services
    DeKresentia di mulai dgn satu workshop kecil yg berlokasi di pinggiran kota Jakarta. Workshop kami memproduksi semua jenis item yg berbahan garment spt kain, jeans, leather synthetis, rayon, spondbon utk pembuatan :
    - Uniform/ Seragam
    - Baju Promosi
    - Kaos T'shirt & poloshirt
    - Tas ( shopping bag, eco bag, ransel, kosmetik etc)

    Hubungi kami utk mendapatkan catalog lengkap di kebutuhan item2 yg berbasis garment dan jahitan.
    Hubungan khusus DeKresentia dgn 2 kantor reps di Spore & Hongkong - menjadikan Dekresentia lebih mudah, effisien, save cost by cutting out middle person, quality terjamin - dalam men design & memproduksi "Customised USB" sesuai keinginan Client/ customer.

    Harga sangat bersaing dgn service 24jam dalam komunikasi antara Client dan Pihak Factory.

    DeKresentia authorised Partner dgn 3 Produsen USB memory Stick and Computer accessories yg berlokasi di China dan Taiwan.

    Hubungi kami dan explore kami.
    please request our Customised USB & Commercial USB flash drive.
  • DEKRESENTIA Printing Offset production (Paper based and PVC plastic)
    Partner kami adalah printing agency yg berpengalaman hampir 30 tahun di dunia printing di Indonesia.

    Partnership ini kami adakan untuk memberikan 360 degrees SERVICE kepada para customers kami.

    Dan Partnership ini memberikan keuntungan kepada Client kami khususnya dalam hal Harga cetak, 24 hour service, dan selalu prioritas jadwal slot printing di dahulukan.

    Explore quality, pricing dan service printing kami. Hubungi staff local kami.

    Printing : leaflets, brochure, rolling banner, promotional items, exclusive box, notes books, documents, annual report etc

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